About us

Omniway B.V. distinguishes itself by means of diverse knowledge and insight into various cultures. With offices in the Netherlands and Moscow, Russia, the organization is able to assure stability and continuity at both sides. The entire process, ex-factory to the final buyer in Russia, is coordinated by Omniway B.V.. Since we master the logistic processes, customs formalities and commercial facets, we are able to offer your company a realistic chance on the Russian & GOS markets.

Omniway B.V. uses a flat organizational structure and is convinced of the fact that short and clear communication lines should be the primary priority. To assure this short and clear communication, the staff at both sides speak English, Russian and Dutch, and the correct person is always within reach. In addition, the organization attaches great value to realizing long-term relationships with its customers. Our team is at your service to serve as a permanent partner for long-term relationships.



Our multidisciplinary approach and competitive prices for “total package” for logistic and customs services, form a reliable and indispensable platform for our customers, to obtain an competitive position on the Russian and GOS market.

Because of this, thousands of our customers across the globe will be doing business with Russia and GOS countries in the long term and with great success, confidence and pleasure.


Due to its knowledge of the market and grasp of both logistics and commercial activities, Omnimay B.V. paves a unique and lucrative way for its customers to benefit from the opportunities on the Russian and GOS markets.

Key values

The value system of Omniway B.V. reflects the ideals and ambitions of its founders. Our values serve as guidance in the implementation of our daily operations and give the existence of our company a deeper sense of meaning.

The cornerstones of the value system of Omniway BV are:

  • integrity
  • loyalty
  • reliability
  • professionalism
  • strong sense of responsibility
  • high quality service
  • respect for our principals, colleagues, partners and competitors

The work style of Omniway BV is derived from its corporate culture and is informal. This style enables our employees and partners to perform in an extremely flexible, efficient and purposeful manner.