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DDP Russia – means that the seller meets his delivery obligation when the goods have been made available on said location in the country of import. The seller bears the risk and costs including rights, taxes and other duties associated with the delivery of the cleared goods there.

In import of goods, there are costs and obligations for the seller, such as value added tax (VAT). If the parties which to exclude certain costs and obligations of the seller, this must be specified by adding wording such as: Delivery Duty Paid, exclusive of VAT … (said destination).

In this, the seller has the maximum obligation: the transfer of the risks and the costs takes place on delivery to the buyer, and he is also responsible for the unloading (unless negotiated otherwise).

DDP shipments are becoming increasingly popular in Russia, since Russian customs procedures haven’t exactly become easier over the past years. That is why more and more Russian importers choose not to import themselves and require their suppliers to provide DDP solutions.

That is why these suppliers turn to their logistic service providers for a suitable and profitable solution. Omniway B.V. has strategic partnerships with a number of leading logistic service providers in Moscow and in St. Petersburg. Together with our partners, we can offer our customers customized solutions.

Omniway B.V. always provides complete, clear and detailed information about the costs in all stages of delivery (transport, clearance services and obtaining licenses, customs costs, bank costs).


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It often happens that both the supplier and the recipient in Russia have little experience with the requirements and obligations associated with importing goods within the Russian Federation. Our organization offers you a solution in which Omniway B.V. acts as actual importer of your goods and also takes on responsibility for clearance and payment of the associated Duties and Taxes. You and the end customer are fully unburdened in this construction.


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Common issues for exporters who have successful in doing business in Russia (export) is that they run into certain problems. Examples are back-orders for turn-key projects or warranty components. This is because the customs Law in Russia has limitations for foreign companies; only Russian legal entities can make payments to customs.
In contractual obligations of back-orders and warranty components, exporter must take care of transport, customs handling and payment of import duties and VAT, in which customer in Russia only wishes to receive the goods.

Omniway B.V. offers its customers two possibilities:

  • AD HOC handling of back orders & warranty components
  • Stock build-up of your spare parts in Russia

AD HOC handling of back orders & warranty components

Per shipment, the costs for the transport, clearance and certification will be calculated. Irrespective of the dimensions and the weight of your test shipment, Omniway BV will take care of the entire process.

Stock build-up of your spare parts in Russia

If your shipment is small or of little value, the costs for customs clearance and certification in Russia may be relatively high. Often, your back-order or warranty component must reach its destination in Russia at very short notice. The only way to reduce customs costs and transit time is to establish a local stock of warranty components in Russia.
However, without your own entity in Russia, that is impossible.

Omniway B.V. offers you the possibility of building stock in Russia without your own entity. Our company can act as importer of your goods in Russia. We will provide the customs handling and storage of your warranty components in one of our warehouses in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Advantages of stock build-up in Russia:

  • Larger volumes can be transported and cleared simultaneously, resulting in lower overall costs of transport and customs handling in Russia.
  • Fast delivery

As previously mentioned, this option is very suitable for building stock in spare parts for repairs under warranty in Russia or other urgent deliveries.

You can also build stock of goods for an online shop active in Russia.

Would you like to receive more information about transport and customs handling of your back orders & warranty parts to Russia? Feel free to contact us.


One of the biggest obstacles when doing business in Russia: how can/should I get my products delivered to my customers in Russia in the most efficient and effective way?
This proves to be a challenge for many exporters, especially in the beginning, when one is trying to get their foot in the door of the Russian market.
Obviously, your prospective customer in Russia would first like to receive a number of test shipments, to get to know and test your product. In most cases, the forwarder is responsible for the transport, customs handling, payment of import duties and VAT, and the customer in Russia only wishes to receive the goods.

Irrespective of the dimensions and the weight of your test shipment, Omniway BV will take care of the entire process.
You, as exporter, don’t have to do anything at all, and the only thing your customer has to do, is accept the goods.

Would you like more information about transport and clearance of test shipments to Russia? Feel free to contact us.