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Omniway B.V. specializes in transport to Russia and the Ukraine. We are also very familiar with the former Soviet Republics (GOS) and the Central Asian countries.

Transport by road, sea, or multi-modal, in consultation with you, we will always pick an efficient transport modality. Thanks to our excellent and reliable network of high quality transporters, we can guarantee you a care-free transport process! Whether it concerns complete batches, groupage, conditioned or exceptional transport; Omniway B.V. can arrange it for you.

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We own warehouses in Bemmel, the Netherlands and in St. Petersburg & Moscow, Russia.
Long and short term, bonded and non-bonded.

From storage, transshipment and order management to billing and stock management. Omniway B.V. offers you a total concept in the field of warehousing. We can also help you with short and long-term storage, from one pallet to thousand square miles.

Overview warehousing services

  • Inbound – storage – outbound
  • Order picking
  • VAL – activities
  • Bonded and high secure warehouses
  • Spare parts handling
  • Stock and order management
  • Takeover of both physical and administrative activities
  • Takeover of existing warehouse activities (in-house warehousing)
  • Experienced and well-trained staff

Value Added Logistics (VAL – activities)

Logistics are not just a matter of saving costs, but also of adding value. With our solutions in the field of Value Added Logistics, we will improve your logistic performance.

The pressure on the progress of logistics processes, is ever increasing, in which offering added value is becoming increasingly important. For instance, making customer specific general product modules just before the moment of shipment.

Value Added Logistics at Omniway B.V.

  • Repacking and (re)conditioning
  • Invoicing
  • Order management
  • Back office functions
  • Customs handling including bonded warehousing and fiscal representation

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Omniway B.V. provides entire process ex-supplier to customer door, including transport, import and export documentation and coordination of clearance in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

As experienced network organization Omniway B.V. is your contact and 3pl+ unburdener.
Omniway B.V. offers customization in the composition of various specialized logistics services. An experienced chain director with minimal overhead.

Omniway B.V. is an informal organization with short lines. As principal, you have a fixed contact for your complete logistic services. You can focus on your key activities. Our knowhow, your quality. You’ll have one permanent contact for the entire logistics process. From quotation to delivery of your goods. One familiar face and always available. Assurance that we can quickly respond to your wishes.

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In addition to the aforementioned services, Omniway B.V. also offers a number of extra services regarding transport and logistics.

  • Direct representation
  • Insurances

Direct representation

Omniway B.V. can provide the electronic printout for you. We only required a signed authorization for this. In the context of the new customs and tax rules that took effect on April 6th 2008, we are required to ask this authorization from you as exporter / owner.

This one-off authorization does not involve any additional costs or extra administrative burdens.

Required documents:

  • Excerpt Trade Register Chamber of Commerce
  • ID of the authorized signatory

For direct representation, we use the so-called Export Accompanying Document (EAD) containing the Movement Reference Number (MRN).

To this end, we require a one-off authorization from you, as shipper or owner of the goods. In addition, every export shipment comes with an invoice and a packing list. Please note! It must be a commercial invoice. Pro Forma invoice is not accepted by Dutch customs.
The authorization may only be signed by someone listed as an authorized signatory at the Chamber of Commerce.

Customs adjustments

Dutch customs recently tightened a number of regulations. We can no longer export under our own name Omniway B.V. (for our customers). You, as owner / shipper, are responsible for the export, both in terms of documentation as in terms of tax / VAT. In the new system Omniway B.V., as declarant, receives an electronic return notification of the customs office of export.

This means that the obligation has been met and that the goods have actually been exported. Omniway B.V. as declarant and you as shipper / owner have the obligation to store the original documents for a period of 7 years (tax inspections).


Did you know, for instance, that a transporter is only liable to a limited extent? For you as owner (of the goods) this may have unpleasant consequences because you are not compensated the full value.

General requirements

AVC conditions
For transport that takes place entirely within the Netherlands, the AVC conditions are used. AVC stands for Algemene Vervoerscondities (General Transport Conditions. The liability of the transporter is € 3.40 per kilogram of transported weight.

CMR conditions / Cross-border transport (within Europe)
Currently, the CMR treaty applies. This Law also assumes a fee per KG of weight. The fee is 8.33 SDR. An SDR fluctuates and depends on several factors. Currently the rate fluctuates around € 9.50 / € 10.00 per kilogram of transported weight. On the website of the IMF you can find the SDR rate.

FENEX conditions
As Forwarder, Omniway B.V. operates under the Dutch Forwarding conditions – FENEX – filed at the District Courts of Amsterdam, Arnhem, Breda and Rotterdam on July 1, 2004.
Link to FENEX conditions

To prevent facing a gap between value and damage compensation, you can choose to take out a goods transport insurance.

Omniway B.V. offers its customers the possibility of taking out a continuous goods transport insurance.

This insurance is taken out based on your annual transport turnover. You take out the insurance one time, after which ever subsequent transport is covered. This insurance is perfect if you frequently use goods transport.